FROM £310 4X4 / Small Vans surcharge + £10.00
Large Vans surcharge + £15.00
  • Prewash
  • Detail on Alloys
  • Iron Out – contaminant and fallout removal
  • Tar & Glue Remover
  • Snow Foam Detail
  • Door Sills Cleaned & Wiped
  • Reset – which is a product that takes off all wax and polish off your vehicle to start fresh
  • Aqua Coat Protection – long lasting protection with enhanced water beading to all exterior surfaces
  • Towel Dried
  • Tyre Dressing
  • Clay Bar Detailing – claying will remove any bonded contaminates on top of the paintwork’s surface that the car wash stage alone doesn’t
  • Chrome parts on the vehicle polished
  • Exterior Trim & Plastic- cleaned & dressed
  • Machine Work – using a high cutting compound taking all scratches / hazes / swirl marks off your paint work.
  • Ceramic Extreme Wax – this is a sealant that you put on top of the the machine work, which protects the paint work. You can also put add on Ceramic Coating Paint Work which is a additional cost of £95.00